Slave Labor in Concentration Camps in Austria


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Kaiserebersdorf, suburb of Vienna, prison: Anstalt fuer Erziehungsbeduerftige, (Kal. f Rjb)

Kapfenberg, Steiermark, Crs. Bruck a.d. Mur, British zone, Civilian workers (Arbeitsworkers) ARB-Lager,

Kaprun, district Zell a See, Lager Tauernsperre, a civilian worker camp in 1942

Klagenfurt, British zone, concentration camp code A-7 per War Crimes Commission in 1945 had 80 prisoners. Prison Landgerichtliches Gefamgememjais (Kal.f.Rjb.) Furthchenstrasse 2. (per BNTB Belgium Tracing Bureau).

Kleinmünchen, District of Linz, US zone, concentration camp of Mauthausen Linz III and civilian workers' camp Hermann Goeringwerke, see Linz.



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