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    Addresses to help you search by country A-M
    Addresses to help you search by country N -Z

German vocabulary to help you write

Concentration camps, Forced Labor, Zwangsarbeiter, OST, before 1945:

    Download slave camp list

    Germany slave camps Intro

    Germany slave camps A
    spacer Auschwitz Oswiecim in Poland

    Germany slave camps B-C

    Germany slave camps D-G

    Germany slave camps H-L

    Germany slave camps M-N

    Germany slave camps O-Q

    Germany slave camps R-S

    spacer Germany slave camp Ravensbruck

    Germany slave camps T-Z


    Austria 1938

    Austria Intro to come

    Austria slave camps A to come

    Austria slave camps B-C to come

    Austria slave camps D-G

    Austria slave camps H-L to come

    Austria slave camps M-N to come

    Austria slave camps O-Q to come

    Austria slave camps R-S to come

    Austria slave camps T-Z to come


    Captured German records

UNNRA & IRO camps in Germany (after 1945) :

    DP camps map & intro (UNRRA & IRO)

    DP camps in Germany A

    DP camps in Germany B

    DP camps in Germany BE

    DP camps in Germany BO

    DP camps in Germany BR

    DP camps in Germany C

    DP camps in Germany D

    DP camps in Germany E

    DP camps in Germany Fa-Fo

    DP camps in Germany Fr

    DP camps in Germany G

    DP camps in Germany Ha

    DP camps in Germany He

    DP camps in Germany Hi - Hu

    DP camps in Germany I-J

    DP camps in Germany K

    DP camps in Germany La-Li

    DP camps in Germany Lo-Ly

    DP camps in Germany M

    DP camps in Germany N

    DP camps in Germany O

    DP camps in Germany P-Q

    DP camps in Germany R

    DP camps in Germany Sa-So

    DP camps in Germany Sp-Sz

    DP camps in Germany T-V

    DP camps in Germany W-Wi

    DP camps in Germany Wo -Z

    Individual Germany camp webpages:

      Altenstadt camp

      Ansbach camp

      Area 7

      Aschaffenburg camp

      Asten camp


      Bamberg camp

      Bad Reichenhall camp

      Bad Wörishofen camp

      Blomberg camp

      Bobingen camp

      Bockhorn camp

      Brauweiler camp page 1 and page 2

      Burgdorf camp

      Cornberg camp 1

      Cornberg camp, page 2

      Cornberg camp, page 3

      Delmenhorst camp

      Dinkelsbühl camp and more photos

      Dornstadt camp

      Düsseldorf camp


      Essen camp

      Etzel camp

      Fallingbostel camp

      Friedelreut cemetary

      Hamburg camp and Hamburg camp Fishbek

      Hannover camp

      Hasenhecke camp

      Heilbronn camp

      Hersbruck (Kathann) camp

      Horsching - Hoersching camp

      Ingolstadt camp

      Lahde camp

      Landshut camp

      Lebenstedt camp

      Lentersheim camp

      Lintorf camp

      Lyssenko camp

      Minden camp

      Mittenwald camp

      Munich (München) camp

      Münster camp

      Leaving Holland / arriving in Münster camp

      Neumarkt camp

      Nürnberg camp

      Orlyk camp

      Passau camps

      Pfaffenhoffen camp

      Reckenfeld camp

      Regensburg camp

      Rosenheim camp

      Sandbostel camp

      Schierholzstr. 41 camp

      Scheinfeld camp, Team 569 (Lithuanians)

      Schulenburg DP Camp

      Seedorf DP Camp

      Solingen DP Camp

      Strueth / Strüth Children's camp

      Stuttgart camp

      Ulm camp page 1 , Ulm page 2 and Ulm page 3

      Warner Kaserne (Freimann) page 1 and Warner page 2

      Warthegau camp

      Wehnen camp

      Wentorf camp

      Wetzlar camp

      Wildflecken page 1, Wildflecken 2 camp (Heinz's page) and Wildflecken links

      Wilhelmsthal camp

      Windischbergerdorf camp

      Winzer Camp


    DP camps in Austria, intro

    DP camps in Austria, A-C

    DP camps in Austria, D - G

    DP camps in Austria, H

    DP camps in Austria, I - K

    DP camps in Austria, L - N

    DP camps in Austria, P-R

    DP camps in Austria, S

    DP camps in Austria, T-Z

    DP camps in Austria, page 7

    Individual web pages for camps in Austria:

    Admont DP camp

    Ebensee DP camp

    Frauenberg DP camp

    Glasenbach and Rauchenbichl / Rauchenbuchler DP camps

    Haid DP camp

    Hörsching (Hoersching) DP camp

    Kapfenberg DP camps

    Linz DP camp

    Lienz DP camp

    Salzburg DP camps

    Spittal DP camp

    Steyr DP camp

    St. Veit an der Glan, Viktring/Vetrinj, Kellerberg, Graz, Studentenlager Hochsteingasse DP camps

    Trofaiach DP camp

    Wels DP camp

Baltics in DP camp


Researching the British Zone in Germany

flag POW Camps in Britain

Bradford DP camp

british flag Scotland Research


DP camps in Czech Republic

egypt animated flag DP camps in Egypt



DP camps in France

Attichy POW camp in France

Metz DP camp in France

DP camps in Italy, page 1 and page 2

Acerra camp in Italy

Bagnoli camp in Italy

Santa Maria al Bagno camp in Italy

Rimini camp in Italy

Trieste camps in Italy




Poland page 1 and page 2


Operation Vistula (Akja Wisla) in Oslawica page 1 & Oslawica page 2

Operation Vistula (Akja Wisla) in Losie (Nowy Sacz County)

Operation Vistula (Akja Wisla) in Przemysl

Icon route along the Oslawa River, southeastern Poland

Lemko Section Map, photos and other history

Travel to Sanok district - download .doc to desktop

Freedom and a New Life:

DP Migration to 43 countries
Original military travel papers from Germany 1948
Immigration to Argentina

Immigration to Australia

Australia pg. 2:
Bonegilla, Greta, Chullora Railway & Migrant Camp, Uranquinty Camp,



spacer gifSale Migrant Camp

Immigration to Belgium
Immigration to Canada and page 2
Illegal immigration to Israel / Palestine

Luxembourg flagImmigration to Luxembourg


New Zealand flag spacer gifI mmigration to New Zealand

Ukrainian DP repatriation page 1 by Stefan Lemieszewski &

Repatriation page 2 by Mark Elliott;

Repatriation page 3 essay by UN Prof Shner

Russian POWs Intro

Russian POWs A-P,

Russian POWs S-Z

Texel Georgians




DP books page 1 and DP books, page 2

Related Links A-M
Related Links N-P
Related Links R-T
Related Links U-Z

Art: Camp paintings by F O Kaufmann

The Ukrainian Corner:

Amazonky, Amazons of pre-Ukraine, Amazon queens

Atrocities committed against Ukraine and Ukrainian

Amazons of Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Headdresses

Chervona Kalyna dance 3.3.2019 ... Kalyna.org

Demjanjuk Trial in Germany

Domarad's story Conscripted by Germans, Russians, Poles and UPA

    Download song: It's fun to be a Ukrainian

    Download song: Ukrainian Jingle Bells by Peter Hnatiuk (pretty funny)

    Download Ukrainian Dance Hopak movie*

    *Jun 15, 2015 Dear Olga, I would appreciate any information on the video called “Ukrainian Dance Hopak Movie”. It is possible that one of the dancers is my father. Thank you for this website. nadjali6@gmail.com

    Hopak by Michał Gumienny dance company

    Efforts to reconcile Jewish and Ukrainian People, page 1

    Efforts to reconcile Jewish and Ukrainian People, page 2

    Film: Quick History why Ukrainians Hate the Russians by Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre

    Half truths about Ukrainian collaboration with Nazis and Soviets

    Hardships of DP immigrants

    Jews and Sheptyts'kyi (Sheptytski)

    Life in Ripne village, Ukraine

    Ukraine's very sad history

    Ukrainian Division Halychyna Video: http://video.yandex.ru/users/roman-buk/view/5/

    Ukrainian Costumes & Lemko map

    Ukrainian DP statistics
    Ukrainian Easter eggs
    - How to make pysanky

    Ukrainian Famine 1927

    Intro Famine Genocide faminegenocide.html

    Ukrainian Famine 1932 Posters page 1

    Ukrainian Famine 1932 Posters page 2

    Ukrainian inventions

    Ukrainian Language

    UPA army

    Visiting Free Ukraine by Roman Skaskiw, 2009

    Why Ukrainians Resent Russians by Oleh Chornohuz


    Vikings - Ukraine's Viking Roots - Fascinating

    Varangian Rus part 1of 3, Varangian Rus 2 of 3, Varangian Rus part 3 of 3

    Ancient Black Ops - Viking Beserkers




Gun Control - A pet peeve of mine. People who haven't study history think you can solve murders with gun control.

However, gun control only leads to wholesale murder of vast population. See Gun Control commercial.

How to sue the So Cal Gas Co.

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research." - Steven Wright


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